Do you have one of these in your home?

The average household has €50 of unused cash in a coin jar!

Existing solutions involve high fees and, onerous hand sorting, counting and bagging.

What we do for you


High Street Customers

No counting, sorting or bagging required. Just conveniently cash in on your coins!


How it works

Deposit your coins into a Coindrum machine near you.

Once the machine has finished counting, you will receive a voucher to be redeemed at the tills of the shop where the unit is located.

At the till, you can either spend your voucher on products in the store, or receive cash notes.

High Street Retailers

Coindrum enables you to offer your customers the ability to convert their coin jars into vouchers to spend with you. Helping your customers and boosting your revenue.


How it works

Customers deposit their coins into the Coindrum machine.

The machine issues a voucher to be redeemed to your tills.

Vouchers are redeemable for products or cash notes.


Locked in sales.

shopping basket

Increased basket size.


Customer service drives footfall.

Coin hand

Increased buying power.


Advertising screen.


Loyalty scheme sign-up station.


Coin supply.

Best tech

Leading tech.

No hassle

Fully automated.


Charity option.

Coindrum provides the machine with all the required hardware, with customised screen flow and receipts. We also provide real-time remote monitoring, troubleshooting and reporting, as well as engineering support. No investment, operating or servicing costs – just the benefit.

Power Plug


0.4m2 Foyer Space



We take care of the rest – no risk or setup cost, just split the upside. Contact us here for more information.

Duty-Free Customers

As you travel from one currency zone to another, you’re left with pockets full of practically useless coins. These coins usually end up in a jar in your home, several time zones away, and eventually in the bin. That’s where we come in: Coins are simply dropped into a Coindrum machine, which converts them into a voucher to spend in the airport shops. Vouchers are worth 10% more than the value of their coins, so we essentially buy your coins for more than they are worth at a point when they are about to be worthless to you. Time to go shopping.

How it works

Deposit your leftover coins into the unit and receive a printed voucher worth 10% more than the deposited amount.

Vouchers are spent in any participating airport shop. When the sale exceeds the voucher value, the surplus can be paid by any other accepted payment method. A list of participating airports can be found here.

Duty-Free Retailers


How it works

If you wish we can talk you through a short video here.


Travellers deposit their leftover currency coins into the unit and receive a printed voucher worth 10% more than the deposited amount.


Vouchers are spent in any participating airport shop. When the sale exceeds the voucher value, the surplus can be paid by any other accepted payment method.

What it does for you


Put simply, Coindrum makes non-spenders spend. The Coindrum unit is placed inside walkthrough duty-free stores, or between security and retail areas. Coindrum users commit to shopping and, thus, increase sales. Not only this but they spend on average 10x what their vouchers are worth, even outspending their non-voucher counterparts.



Just as our customers get more than they put in, so do you. Only 0.4m2 of space is required and you only pay if it is successful. We provide the turnkey units and fully serviced solution at no upfront cost. Only when a customer spends money with a voucher do we charge a nominal transaction fee.



In summary

solves problem

It solves a problem

Leftover coins are a nuisance, for you and your customers. Suddenly, a problem becomes an opportunity to drive enhanced retail revenues and customer service.


It drives more sales

And we can prove it. A significantly greater number of passengers will shop, which drives duty free revenues.


Advertising opportunities

Significant advertising opportunities from 42 inch HD video screen.

looks after itself

It looks after itself

Coindrum provides the technology, maintenance, coin processing and advertising for the service. You get the benefit.

No hassle

It reduces hassle

No coins have to be added up by cashiers or customers, speeding up the checkout process. And time, after all, is money.

Best tech

Unrivaled technology

Simple touch screen User Interface in multiple languages, multiple currency support, 24/7 real time remote support and online transaction logging, bulk coin deposits with anti-fraud coin recognition and debris handling system, self-locking and wheeled coin vaults.

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